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Our Happiness Lifts the Spirits of Others

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Our Happiness Lifts the Spirits of Others

Wow...we've certainly been through some rough terrain lately...some are struggling in this heart opening energy while others are feeling more free than they ever have. And that's okay.

Sometimes we can feel like we don't have a 'right' to feel happy and joyful when others are moving through tough emotions like sadness and grief but we do. It's important to remember that we are each on our own journey and that will bring what it brings. Our individual times and experiences of 'pain' are there for us to move through and become stronger in the end, and we all experience our times of struggle and pain at different times. It's important for us to have compassion for the people in our world (some we know, some we don't) who are being pushed into uncomfortable territory for their soul's growth but we don't have to take it on.

Humans sometimes 'feel bad' when they are experiencing joy and happiness in their world while others are suffering. What if our happiness and joy energy is helping to carry others through their hard times? It wouldn't be productive to feel bad for feeling good if that is the case. If we can be in our high spirit energy without guilt we can use it knowing we are lifting the energy of others while they are down. When we are down they might be up and helping to lift our energy. Even though it is an 'unseen' thing, doesn't mean it's not happening?!

So if you are going through a difficult time in your life, know that others along with Spirit are helping to carry you. And if you are happy and high on life...bask in it!! Get as high as you can without feeling bad, knowing that you are helping to carry them.

It's all about living in your heart right now. When I went through some of my hardest times, spinning in a deep dark hole not seeing even a glimmer of light, I can see now I was being broken open. Being made to 'feel' even though those feelings didn't feel good at ALL they were still feelings. Something I'd spent most of my life trying my hardest not to feel. I'm grateful now and can see so clearly that our hearts must be cracked open in order to let the light in. That's why we came here. To live in our hearts and it's happening, it just doesn't always feel good at the time. Those harder times also showed me who the people were who gave a shit and had my back. I wouldn't trade that for anything now because I had things all mixed up.

Our hardest experiences are often there for us to grow through and heal from so we can help others once we are in a good place again. We can't do that if we let our experiences break us down...we can only move through them keeping in mind that we are being role models for the others. Mostly our young ones. If they see us get healthy and strong through our painful times, it gives them hope. If we give up, they give up. They will be the leaders one day.

If you're happy and high on life...SOAR, laugh, and play and don't feel bad about it. Our happiness is infectious and contagious! If you're experiencing hard emotions now or lately, hang on, keep the faith, and you will move through it to a better place. You'll see.