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Preparing To Launch

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Preparing To Launch

What a great analogy! Our lives being like that of an arrow. Having to be pulled back in order to move forward and hit our mark.

There's another arrow analogy I remember from one of my favorite little books called The Lakota Way. It's about partnership. How an arrow on it's own is useless without a bow and vice versa. It takes both of them working together to create a useful result. That's a great reminder about the importance of having strong, supportive and equal partnerships in our lives.

I've not been in a 'romantic' (for lack of a better word) partnership for many years, mostly because I made a decision to take a step back and work on myself so I could eventually attract a spiritually connected bow and arrow relationship :) What has happened for me on what has turned out to be an amazing and powerful solo spiritual journey, is that my solid bow and arrow partnership has become the one between myself and Spirit. In addition to this now very solid partnership, I have some pretty darn solid bow and arrow friendships too!

It's very clear to me now, that when I would go through my 'pulling back' phases, I found myself getting closer to and seeking guidance and comfort from within and from Creator (which is what I choose to call God, Source, the Universe). In my younger days, I was too angry to even believe there was a God, so when I would go through this phase, I moved further away from that partnership because I didn't even believe it existed!! That's a whole other blog...I'll stay on topic here.

It's during these drawbacks (in whatever form they show up) we can, if we choose, take comfort in remembering that we can use that time as an opportunity to strengthen the most important partnership we will ever have on our journey here. The one with ourselves and a higher power. As we move through the time of pulling back, we can understand that we are in a phase that precedes forward movement. Sometimes the arrow is pulled back for longer with a more powerful bow, depending on the distance and strength of the intended target. The drawing back phase is essentially one of gaining momentum, and a very necessary part of our growth and movement forward.

It seems to me, the further and more powerful our destination, is oftentimes equated with the amount and frequency of set backs in our lives. Translated I'd say it means the bigger our purpose and the more people we are meant to use our lives to help, the more crap we gotta go through! How else are we going to gain the knowledge and experience to help those who come behind us with similar life circumstances?

I've been experiencing a time of drawback this past week or's been subtle but evident to me. It's surfaced this time as a quiet vulnerability and insecurity. The timing makes perfect sense, as this week I will be launching my artist website and selling prints and canvas of my latest creations. Drawing was something I did for myself, in fact many people who have known me most of my life weren't even aware that I sketched. In this time of my arrow being pulled back there's this quiet voice that whispers to me that I'm not good enough. I understand this to be my experience prior to the launch, so I can use this time to get closer to my bow, and then stand solid in my confidence knowing this isn't about me, it's about me using my life and sharing the gifts I've been given. As it is for all of us here.

If you're in a launch phase right now, I hope you're getting some awesome air time!! If you're in a pull back phase right now, be patient and keep in mind you're preparing to launch and it's part of our human process. Oh, and remember, you'll need your bow! ;-)

Peace, Love, and Bows & Arrows.....