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"Freedom from the desire for answers is essential to the understanding of a problem."
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Have you ever caught yourself going over a scenario in your head repeatedly trying to figure it out but no matter which way you look at it, you never get answers? Me too. I have. It's a human thing but we can choose to change it if we want.

Sometimes we humans paralyze ourselves by staying in our heads analyzing and attempting to find answers to things that are simply not meant for us to know yet. Heck, psychics are a dime a dozen these days for this reason alone. People's anxiety and curiosity about 'what's going to happen' has fueled this 'industry' but I think we're missing the point. Most of the 'predictions' I was given by psychics never came to pass, however I see clearly now, that Spirit used many of them as a channel to offer me guidance and direction which has been far more useful on my journey than telling me this or that was going to happen. That actually created more anxiety for me!

I believe we all need to become our own psychic and stop giving our power away to others by asking them to tell us about ourselves?! We are the captains of our ship and are in charge of creating our own lives. Not to mention our 'free will' option gives us the ability to change the outcome of any prediction. Having experienced this on my journey has been really helpful as I find myself now helping others using my intuitive abilities, to teach and empower people rather than offer predictions.

I'm speaking once again from experience, as I used to have severe anxiety attacks where I'd faint and my lips would turn blue and I spent my fair share of money on 'psychics'. Anxiety is when we are in our heads trying to figure things out and wonder what is going to happen, so much in fact, that our breathing becomes shallow enough that we get weak and dizzy and sometimes faint. I've learned over the years, to accept what is, and live in the moment more and more every day, which has my anxiety pretty much non-existent. I will sometimes observe it mildly surfacing when I'm going through short bouts of insecurity but I've made huge progress with myself I'm happy to say!

The time we spend trying to figure everything out actually robs us of living a more present life. It has us missing what is really going on. We're using all that energy going around and around in our heads aimlessly, never finding a solution anyway?!! Wasted days and wasted nights (yes, I sang that). It seems we're either crying over something that's behind us, or freaking out about what's before us. What about right now? What about today? Do you see the ladybug or the blue jay? Do you hear the music? Can you smell the flowers? Maybe you don't have time because you have to get back to figuring everything out and making a plan to fix what isn't meant to be fixed right now?

Usually taking a step back from the analyzing process, allows an answer to come in time. Obsessing usually pushes the answer or desired outcome further away from us. The 'letting go' process is definitely a learned thing. Like everything we want to master, we can only get there by practicing. I've been practicing every chance I get. We must first acknowledge when we are obsessing and over analyzing. Then from that point, we can CHOOSE to stop, accept everything and everyone exactly as is, and then CHOOSE a thought of gratitude instead? Or choose to send an uplifting thought that person's way or to someone who is going through a hard time. Or choose to talk to Creator, the angels or your spirit guides.

Maybe a relationship has fallen away for whatever reason. It happens. There are people in my life who had to sever ties with close family members because they loved themselves to much to continue being hurt. Sometimes that's the lesson. We don't always have to figure out and fix everything unless we want to. We really can choose to just let it be or even let it go completely. Guilt free. Worry free. Some relationships aren't meant to be 'figured out' or 'fixed' right now. Let yourself off the hook and let it be! Give yourself the time and distance you need. Finding inner peace and forgiveness is the main thing, and sometimes we have to take time and space to do that. It's okay. We are only in control of ourselves and our own actions. If you want to fix something, make yourself your own fix it project ;-) I've found no lack of things within myself to work on!

It's been quite freeing and empowering to choose to just let things be perfectly unfixed, and choose who I allow in my life and not feel bad for making those choices. I'll admit this feeling of not worrying or constantly analyzing and wondering how things are going to turn out, feels amazing yet at times unfamiliar. I observe my ego wanting me to slip back into my old familiar ways. I remind myself in those moments that everything is just as it is and it's not up to me to figure everything out and fix what clearly is not fixable right now. This makes room for me to enjoy the journey more. :-)

Peace, Love and Let It Be .....