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You Gotta Believe It To See It

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You know that saying 'you gotta see it to believe it'? I think the more accurate saying would be 'you gotta believe it to see it'! Believing in the so called 'impossible' and keeping my faith in my dreams against all logic, has resulted in the realization of many of my dreams and desires on my journey. The latest being that of putting my artwork out for the world to see and enjoy.

In my younger years, growing up in a small town in Northern Ontario, I would dream of swimming with dolphins. Where was the logic in that? From where I sat at the time, it seemed like an impossibility, but I never lost faith. I always KNEW I would swim with my dolphin brother and sisters one day, and I did. It happened organically many moons later when I was in my early thirties. I didn't TRY to make it happen. I just kept the vision my whole life and trusted it would happen, and it did.

Swimming with dolphins was one of many visions I had for myself in this life. The one I felt to share with you today as an example of needing to believe in something in order to see it. There are many, many more I could share with you, but that would be a book not a blog! Some are small in comparison to others and some have fallen away as they aren't aligned anymore with the person I've become.

An important part of the visioning process is that we don't listen to the people who call us crazy and tell us that the vision we may have is 'unrealistic'. They may say 'that'll never happen', or 'who do you think you are?', or they may even tell you 'that's impossible!'. My advice is not to listen to them, or the voices in your head that may be whispering (or screaming) those very same things to yourself. It's best to surround yourself with people who lift you up, not pull you down. Try to remember those people are in your life reflecting your own doubts back to you, and projecting their fears about living their own dreams. Maybe they're afraid to live their dreams? Or maybe they're afraid that if you live yours, they will lose you? We humans really are a funny bunch, and the reasons aren't that important. What's important is that we find a way to do what we love, and to believe in the impossible, and keep the faith where our hearts desires are concerned.

If you are happy playing and making music, then do that. Put your heart and soul and energy into it, and the universe will support you by opening doors of opportunity to swing open to get your music out there to bring joy and healing to whoever is meant to hear. You may be a rock star one day, or maybe not, but you WILL touch the people you're meant to touch doing the thing you love to do. In the end, it's not about becoming a rock star anyway, it's about what you believed could happen. It's about what was created from your heart and freely given with the spirit to lift someone else up. Oprah's vision was not to be rich and famous, but rather to use her life. By following her heart and listening to her soul, the universe kept opening doors for her and giving her the platform she needed to do what she came here to do. Being rich and famous was simply a result of her doing what she loved to do.

I like to draw. It's one of the things that feeds my soul and has me feeling fulfilled. I put it away for many years as I lived life according to others, doing what I thought I was 'supposed' to do next. However, putting that part of myself away was like packing my heart away in a box and putting it in storage while I followed the sheep. There was this emptiness inside that could not be filled with anything or by anyone, despite my many attempts at reaching outside myself to find fulfillment.

The universe arranged to have a childhood friend and I cross paths again last fall. We hadn't seen each other in over thirty years. This friend would end up needing someone to stay in her beautiful home for the winter, on an acreage on Lummi Island in Washington State. I had been gypsy'ing around for a few years by the time of our meeting, and funds had run out long ago. I was tired and weary at times on my soul's path to purpose and non-conformity, so this was a huge blessing!! It was also something I'd visioned alot while spending an entire year in the city. I would dream about a wooden house with lots of windows on a peaceful acreage, and the universe delivered just that!! I had to believe it to see it.

My friend would follow her intuition and leave me an artist sketch pad, two pencils and an eraser before she moved with her husband to their second home. At first I thought I was given this solitude and the winter season to write my book, but apparently the universe had different plans for me. While I was drawing, I would vision my artwork in print and hanging on people's walls. Now it is available for purchase online!

I believed it to see it, and I hope that inspires you to do the same.

Peace, Love and Believe It to See It ......
(PLEASE NOTE: Faith and Patience will be required)!!